WMA to Any Pro App Reviews

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So far so good!

Found 20-30 old CD-R’s (my origional backups) I was so busy that I never realized over half my music catalog was MIA… once I switched to Apple… Now it’s time for a time travel through music rediscovering what I’ve collected since childhood..

works like a charm

Needed to convert a cd that’s in MVA format. Converted CD and placed it in iTunes file perfectly. Easy to understand, use and it’s worth the $4.99 price.

WMA To Any Pro

I just dropped 500 WMA files in the window and clicked convert, (to m4a files). The process couldn’t have been simpler, it was smooth and timely. The files went simultaneously into iTunes so I was able to sample them ‘on the fly’. Audio quality is delightfully, not degraded. My money was well spent here as this App is an amazing time saver too. I would highly recommend this product!

Powerful Conversion Engine, Intuitive Interface

I have an ole Olympus digital audio recorder, which records to WMA format. Had put off investigating and purchasing a real solution for WMA file conversions for years, but now am begnning to use the Olympus device again. Studied a few apps on the Mac App Store, and took a chance on this one, based on the review by JifferHal. Id like to mention a couple of great design features not touched in that review: hover your cursor over the various control options, and a generous description of what it does pops up. You can opt for the files to open in iTunes automatically. Apple Lossless is supported, and a fully customizable Pro option is included. The drag and drop fubction was super easy and extremely quick to process. A great app, highly recommended!

nicely done

This is an intuitive app. I was able to covert older digital wma files from an Olympus voice recorder to mp4. Great job.

Simplicty at its finest!

Very great app! very simple to use and convert with the touch of just one button!

Windows to mac

I was able to convert my music wma to iTunes. It was fast easy and cheap, saved me time. Don’t look for any other programs this works.

Worth the money

Great app, great price. Having spent much more on a Windows app to do audio conversion some time ago, this app does all that one did and more for a fraction of the price. Got it to convert my WMAs to mp3; conversion is very fast, and on my machine it converts 4 files in parallel. The UI is relatively straightforward, and if you are not sure about something, hover the mouse over it and you get pop-up help. My only complaint/suggestion is that there be support for outputting to subfolders based on the input filenames. Everything goes to one place, so if you are converting multiple CDs of music, everything gets flopped in to one place. May not be a big deal if you plan on importing to iTunes, but I like to keep my music backed up to external HDD in a library hierarchy. Other than that, solid app.

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